Ruffnuts Seat Covers

Each and every one of our Ruffnuts canvas seat covers is made specifically for the individual model of vehicle. Not only do they fit well, they look and feel good and there is less wear and tear on the seats themselves.

Made from strong Duratex™, Ruffnuts seat covers are manufactured to Australian Standard AS 3744-1. Duratex™ is soft and comfortable and is used in all of our OEM products, supplied to major vehicle manufacturers.

Ruffnuts seat covers also come in quality Folmatex™ material, which has a flat woven finish to allow the passenger to move freely across it. This material resists grass seeds, wheat dust and range of organic soiling that is a common element in the rural working environment.

Features of the Ruffnuts range include:Ruffnuts Seat Covers

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