Heavy Duty Seat Cover Accessories

First aid kits

The QuikAid cover makes sure your team is prepared for any emergency by incorporating a first aid kit in a pocket at the back of the seat where it remains protected from damage and won’t be misplaced. A QuikAid cover has all the tough features of our standard seat covers combined with the practicality of a first aid kit stored in a closable pouch on the back of the seat. All QuikAid covers come with a decal for the cab window so all workers know where first aid supplies are kept.

Adjustable Air Lumbar Support

To overcome injury concerns and Work, Health and Safety issues, our seat covers have the optional extra of a fully adjustable lumbar support system. An air-filled system, the Lumbar Support helps ease back problems and makes long trips more comfortable for any driver.

QuikSlip Covers

When you go to the trouble of protecting your vehicle’s seat covers, you don’t want to expose them to extremely dirty environments. For work environments where drivers or mechanics are often covered in dirt and grime form oil, grease and fuels, the QuikSlip cover is the answer. QuikSlip is a temporary cover that quickly and easily slips over the headrest and lays flat over your seat to keep the seat cover clean. QuikSlip covers are ideal for workshops, mine sites, mobile plant mechanics and fitters working in isolated areas.